Vers 1
On the way out of town there walks a man.
Climbing up the hill, he carries a wooden cross.
Soldiers nail his feet and his hands
and on the hill he’s crucified.

Where else can death have such a meaning for the world?
Where else can death be more important than on Calvary?
Jesus died for you and me, made a way to be free.
How many days will pass ‘til you will act at last?
How long will you delay the decision to accept his sacrifice?
Jesus died for you and me, made a way to be free.
But one day, it will be too late.

Vers 2
Suddenly it‘s dark as night,
three hours he’s forsaken by God!
Instead of you and me he’s suffering
and with a cry Jesus dies!

Jesus is alive, he arose from the dead!
The victory is won, sin is destroyed!
Whoever believes that he died for them
is saved from sin and will live for eternity.


Text und Musik: Steffen Sahm

© 2006 Steffen Sahm //

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CCLI-Liednr. 7206245


Diesen Song habe ich (Steffen) vor einigen Jahren mit meiner alten Band „umgekehrt“ an einem Probe-Wochenende aufgenommen: